Private Stock

Private Stock

Label founded and owned by Larry Uttal in 1974. After his death in 1993 Larry transferred all rights to his son Jai Uttal. 2016 Jai Uttal sold all rights to the Private Stock Records catalog to 43 North Broadway LLC.

Private Stock Record acts include Jose Feliciano, Samantha Sang, Cissy Houston, The Michael Zager Band, David Soul, Austin Roberts, Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band, Starbuck.


  • Disco 78
  • Trogg Tapes
  • Fresh Fish Special
  • A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
  • A Fifth of Beethoven
  • Angela
  • Let's All Chant
  • Phantom of the Opera
  • Pursuit of Happiness
  • Emotion
  • Rock Pictures
  • Scotch on the Rocks
  • Use Your Imagination
  • Brownsville Station
  • Private Stock Greatest Hits
  • Sweet Soul Music

Top Songs

  • A Fifth of Beethoven
  • Don’t Give Up On Us
  • Emotion
  • Moonlight Feels Right
  • Rocky