Life Series

Life Series

43 North Broadway via acquisition owns exclusive worldwide copyrights to Life Series Records.

Life Series is a series on the HiFi Records label


  • Shuffle In Style
  • The Ink Spots
  • Josh White
  • Old School Doo Wop
  • Timeless Voices
  • Best Of The Cookies
  • Big Boss Man
  • Ferlin Husky
  • The Acoustic Blues Box Set
  • Flying Home
  • The Aquatones
  • The Best Of Acker Bilk
  • The Best Of The Girl Groups
  • Stranger On The Shore
  • Nothing But Jazz
  • 60's Rock

Top Songs

  • Chains
  • Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)
  • Flying Home
  • Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys
  • We Three