Legacy International

Legacy International

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  • Sings Jewish Folk Songs
  • The Original Folkaway Recordings
  • Their Greatest Yiddish Hits
  • Traditional Jewish Melodies
  • Traditional Music of the Incas
  • French canadian, Irish and Scottish Fiddle Music
  • The Ultimate Collection
  • American Indian Ceremonial and War Dances
  • Anchient Music from the Chinese Dynasties
  • Anthology Music of Black Africa
  • Authentic Israeli Folk Songs and Dances
  • A Treasury of Gregorian Chants
  • German Military Marches
  • Going Solo with Steve Lawrence
  • Music in the Morgan Manner
  • Music, Marches, and Drinking Songs of Germany
  • Celtic Cheer
  • National Anthems of the World
  • Queen of the Grand Ole Opry
  • Romantic Rumbas & Sizzling Salsas
  • Salty Seafaring Shanties
  • The Art of the Japanese Bamboo Flute
  • Authentic Music of the American Indian

Top Songs

  • Linda and Her Londonderry Air
  • Portrait of My Love
  • Southern Can is Mine
  • Travelin' Blues
  • When a Lady Has a Piazza