Horizon Records

Horizon Records

Horizon Records was founded in 1962 by Dave Hubert who also founded 43N acquired labels and publishing companies HiFi Records, Arvee Records, Arvee Music etc.
43 North Broadway via acquisition owns exclusive worldwide copyrights to the Horizon Records label.


  • Blowin in the wind
  • Blues Hoot - Live Recording At The Ash Grove
  • Grisszly bear
  • New Sounds
  • Newborn Kitty White
  • Sing Out Big
  • The Balladeer
  • The Balladeer Hoyt Axton
  • The Banjo Story
  • The Barry Mcguire Album
  • The Best Of Hootenanny
  • The Best Of Katie Lee
  • The Clique
  • The Gershwin Songbook
  • Thunder n' Lightnin'
  • Travis On Cue

Top Songs

  • A New Love Is Like A Newborn Child
  • In Atlanta
  • Johnny Guitar
  • One By One
  • The West Bromish Lady