Everest Records

Everest Records

43 North Broadway acquired the Everest Record Group of labels from Bernard Solomon.

Everest was founded by Harry D. Belock and Bert Whyte of the Belock Instrument Corporation, in May 1958. The label was sold to Bernard Solomon, former accountant for the Belock Instrument Corporation, in 1962.

The Everest Record Group acquired many labels over the years, Tradition Records, Scala Records, HiFi Records, Arvee Records to name a few.


  • La Belle Helene
  • Sing Along In French
  • The Artistry Of Nelson Eddy
  • the complete works for piano and orchestra
  • The Swan Silvertones
  • The Ink Spots' Greatest Hits
  • The Barry Mcguire Album
  • The Best Of
  • Flying High
  • The Most Minor
  • Golden Trombones
  • Won't You Spend Christmas with Me
  • a starry night
  • Alessandro Bonci Sings
  • I Wonder As I Wander - Carols & Love Songs
  • Legend of Pele: Sounds of Arthur Lyman
  • Joe Jones Trio
  • Dance Fiesta In Havana
  • Been A Long Long Time
  • Beniamino Gigli Sings Vol. 2
  • Mendelssohn Songs With and Without Words
  • More Hits
  • Mozart
  • Mozart
  • Love Songs - The Singles Collection
  • Let's Swing
  • My Million Sellers!
  • On Broadway
  • Piano Solos
  • Polish Songs (Complete Opus 74 And Opus Posthumous)
  • Chopin Scherzos
  • His Christmas Album
  • Rollin West
  • The Greatest Hits
  • Dance Frappe
  • Cuban Dance Party

Top Songs

  • Don't Take Your Love From Me
  • He Needs Me
  • I Should Care
  • The Jazz in You
  • You Don’t Have To Be a Tower of Strength