Esoteric Records

Esoteric Records

43 North Broadway via acquisition owns exclusive worldwide copyrights to Esoteric Records.

American label established in 1949 by Bill Fox and Jerry Newman. The label was acquired by Everest Record Group in 1963. 43 North acquired all assets of Esoteric Records under its acquisition of Everest Record Group.
A few artists include:
El Pili
Harry And Jeanie West
Sonar Senghor And His Troupe
Claudia Muzio
New York Woodwind Quintet…


  • Dizzy Gillespie Charley Christian
  • Bach Handel
  • Festino
  • Variations On A Recitative  Mass For The Poor
  • Variations on Sunday School Tunes
  • The Siena Pianoforte
  • The Spider's Feast
  • jazz immortal
  • Les Bords Du Saint-Laurent
  • Al Haig Trio
  • Variations
  • Harp Music

Top Songs

  • Girls Were Made to Take Care of Boys
  • Island in the West Indies
  • Swing to Bop
  • Travelling Dobro
  • You Never Knew About Me