Charlie Parker Records

Charlie Parker Records

43 North Broadway via acquisition owns exclusive worldwide copyrights to Charlie Parker Records.


  • Modern Sounds Of The Orioles
  • Winters Again
  • A Cozy Conception Of Carmen
  • A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing
  • A New Look At The World
  • Pepper Manne
  • Duke Jordan
  • Pretty Is The Only Way To Fly
  • Best Plucking In Town
  • Bird and Diz
  • First Time Out
  • Lost In Sound
  • Satan In High Heels
  • Two Sides Of Hampton
  • Mysterious Instincts
  • It's Too Soon To Tell
  • The Art Of Pepper
  • I Only Know How To Cry
  • Jazz At Massey Hall
  • Blues For A Stripper
  • Man With A Happy Sound
  • Having A Party
  • Hey!
  • Miles Of Genius

Top Songs

  • Bess, You Is My Woman Now
  • Castanet Dance
  • Gypsy Song
  • Satan in High Heels
  • What's Right For You