Beverly Hills Records

Beverly Hills Records

43 North Broadway via acquisition owns exclusive worldwide copyrights to Beverly Hills Records.

Beverly Hills Records was established in 1969 by the motion picture company Beverly Hills Studios with it’s record and publishing companies managed by Morris I. Diamond. In the 1970’s Diamond acquired the assets of Beverly Hills Records. 43 North acquired all rights to Beverly Hills Records from Diamond.

A few of the artists include:
Chet Baker
Debbie Reynolds
Melvin Van Peebles
Jaye P. Morgan…


  • Spring Fever
  • That's What I Get For Being A Woman
  • The Talking Machine
  • Vixen
  • I Wish I'd Known Her
  • Mother Fudge-cicle
  • Chet Baker - Albert's House
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Bill Farrell
  • Gaby
  • So Many People
  • Cherry
  • Jerusalem
  • Suck em up
  • John Cacavas
  • Remember When You Were A Kid

Top Songs

  • Love's on My Mind
  • Raquel Theme
  • So Many People
  • Theme from Vixen
  • You've Changed